If everything has been installed correctly you should be able to test connectivity of your bconsole. Its wide functionality range means it facilitates best-practice SQL Server backup. OpenBSD , in that case you will likely need to perform a full server install to have access to it. At least there are comms now between the Bacula server and the Windows 32bit client. Using Device “FileStorage” Feb Windows Server incremental backup is especially helpful in saving storage space.

bacula client windows 2003

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Easy for all versions: I’m not an expert at it, but we certainly use it to do so, having set the storage device? Tuesday, February 25, 3: Starting with their ‘overview and concepts’ docs will be especially helpful.

The Windows Version of Bacula

Windows Server incremental backup is especially helpful in saving storage space. If it is, then try disabling the firewall temporarily; I don’t remember exactly where this is, but it would be under the Control Panel somewhere security settings.

On Mon, Feb 24, at 4: I have tried many different version of the Window Bacula client and had no success backing it cluent. The actual configuration file will look something like this: Fast and efficient execution Windows Server of backup and restore operations Backup Windows Server through the use of different technologies and strategies that optimize the use of the resources that make up the Windows Server platform, including storage, network bandwidth, CPU, memory and others.


You can restore files to the remote file system using bacula too.

bacula client windows 2003

Please familiarize yourself with their documentation. VSS-aware appplications that are supported include Microsoft Exchange.

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I highlighted in yellow what I am concerned about. I just forgot as I installed a new version of bacuoa Bacula Client; as I have downloaded them all and start working my way through them to see if that helped. This is not how the windows client used to work.

Additionally, Bacula has a bartpe plugin to do bare-metal recoveries, something that I haven’t found for Amanda or BackupPC.

backup – Amanda, Bacula, BackupPC Which has a reliable windows client? – Server Fault

Due to the variability observed in the location of Bacula client files on different versions of Windows Server please be mindfull which directories the client is being installed into; you will need to verify and potentially change values in the configuration files it generates, specifically the ‘Name’ and ‘Password’ values all of them.

When complete, the results will be shown below. You can test by manually running the client exe.

Need database backup support for all DB types? I don’t know why it’s failing to install the service for him, but that command line should get a functioning FD, provided the config is valid.

On Tue, Feb 25, at 1: Client Installation and Configuration Getting your Configuration Files After submitting your request the Central Backup Administrator will generate configuration files for your server.


Hypervisor versions that are supported areR2,R2 and I tossed some Excel and other files in this directory and in the file-set I clietn it as C: I am Domain Admin in our Active Directory domain and I should be able to manually start it with no issues. Then I went back and re-ran the command bacul-fd. Bacula has a Windows client that can be either desktop or server clients that handles backups quite well.

VSS Backup. How to backup Microsoft Windows machines with Bacula Enterprise and VSS?

So when I look at the file C: Volume “Vol” previously written, moving to end of data. Fortunately, setting up a basic Windows fileset that implements VSS backup capabilities is very simple with Bacula Enterprise Edition, and the file daemon handles all the complexities related to the shadow copy management.

Screenshot of Windows client side: Then I ran the backup job from the Bacula server.

bacula client windows 2003

There will be no qualified sysadmin on site daily to deal with problems. I have also tried placing the in front of the following lines with no success.