One indication is that the transmitter may be keyed. I have the same radio. Error occurs if Prolific driver version is higher than v3. Have not ordered a shoulder mic yet. Where the problem lies in when I go from Channel 1 to Channel 2, etc.

chirp uv5r

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You are receiving a signal while trying to connect. A slight trimming of the cable’s plug side and edge may be required. Now you just have to upload this config back chir; your radio.

CHIRP Programming – Miklor

Menu 14 does have any other options, uv5d. Once this step has been completed, it should list any channels that you have already programmed into memory. Changing your USB slot will change the com port number. It makes sense that your handheld radio should be able to take the place of multiple radios.

Baofeng does not cover anything near 27 megs which is CB. Error reading from comm device.

chirp uv5r

Went to get info from Radio. My problem is on the CHIRP table column after the frequency, I have inputted the abreviated name of that repeater and when I upload it to the radio, it clones with no problem. Illegal to use eccept for ham radio peroid i see you have law enforcement iv5r programed as low marine vhf?


So you may try the other models Boafeng has.

The UV-5R is the base model for a lot of variants, so this page will apply to many more people than just those with that specific badge on their radio. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I ub5r.

Baofeng UV5R Variants – CHIRP

Thank you very much Tobias, this saved me a ton chir time. I had the same issues and that solved it. Any help would be much appreciated. It will not transmit on gmrs. It can cover a multitude of channels and frequencies. Close ALL unrelated software and try again.

chirp uv5r

The UV-5R Series 3 chidp 8 watt broadcast power. Got a camo uv-5r recently from ebay, programmed uv5f 5 local 2m repeaters, 4 of them work fine in channel mode, but VA3LON, at Here is a Graphic and Possible Solution. Makes it easy and adds everything needed to get most BaoFeng radios to transmit and receive. I have a Motorola that straight outbthe box works.


After making this change, you must unplug and replug your USB programming cable for the new com port number to be effective.

How to Program a Baofeng Radio with CHIRP Software

Your cable is not plugged in all the way. This is a test. My UV-5R I have to use the model you have toget chirp to work. Unless your gonna take a ham test there u5r no other way to aquire a call sign. Congratulations to you for the job. If I enter other freq it transmits fine. Your radio is not turned ON when trying to program.

Would you consider the UV6R to be a good radio? But what warrents an emergency in your mine may not in the eyes of the law. Why donyou want to tx on illegal bands either way?