Unknown September 13, at 1: Unknown May 5, at Davide Gironi April 3, at 6: Davide Gironi May 23, at 9: Davide Gironi May 10, at 8: Values that correspond to the day of week are user-defined but must be sequential”.

codevision ds1307.h

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Hello, I want to ask why in my program there is an inscription Error: Davide Gironi June 28, at 2: Chivobar June 22, at 3: Hello, you can find the code for this library above on this blog post.

Your code reads only year, month, day, hour, minute and second from the ds via I2C. I think the register 0x03 is for the dayofweek ? Hello and thank you.

Dsh codevision download

Davide Gironi November 8, at 1: Could you please explain, why you do this way, please? I am sorry Indonesian people, so too could not english. Davide Gironi February 25, at 1: Davide Gironi January 2, at 9: Values that correspond to the day of week are user-defined but must be sequential”.


Davide Gironi September 13, at 8: But now you make me suspect that the 0x03 register is written by the DS Hello, i get the day of week to set codeviwion date.

Davide Gironi May 10, at 8: Jan Distler April 3, at 8: Davide Gironi May 6, at 3: Actually, I would like to know how to get a string from uart instead codevusion a single char.

Hi, thank you for the great library. The sample in this page does not implement an update time over UART protocol.

You have to write your own protocol. I think, the ds calculates the day of week, because the datasheet says, that there is a register for it. Please correct your library in file uart.

codevision ds1307.h

Davide Gironi August 18, at 6: I’m actually fully involved in other project and can not test this. I am a newbe, and I do not know, if my opinion is wrong.

codevision ds1307.h

Thank you for your constructive comment. RaffSalvetti February 24, at 7: Fleury one, for the keypad, you should build your own keypad matrix, I’ve a litte library for doing that, if needed i can post it. My guess is that ds does not know what codfvision the initial value.


Ds1307.h codevision

Davide Gironi January 12, at 8: Wilko January 1, at 7: And the function getdayofweek calculates with y, m, d the day of week. Hello, thank you for sharing your solution, an alternative is to update the P.

Unknown May 5, at