A [ehrgeiz] 59 Tekken 3 JP Ver. I’m making another really stupid mistake here, so apologies again, but it’s all over my head. As you can see, bsmt It says the TGM1 files are incomplete regardless of where I download the rom, zipped or unzipped. A [souledgb, parent souledge] 49 Soul Edge Ver. No, create an account now. I can’t even configure the buttons to my joystick like I did with Killer Instinct.

cpzn1 bios

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Index of /lakka/bios/mame

Does ZiNC work with a Voodoo2 card? Neo Geo games need neogeo bios installed. I’ll post the relevant line from your own post with added emphasis so you understand.

cpzn1 bios

Biow you get those games to work? Newer versions of MAME require a qsound rom in addition to cpzn2 and tgmj. Bjos that folder is probably going to be one. Playstation is another special case that requires bios files to run. Yo, thanks guys for the help. After checking numerous places on the net it seems that alot of people have these errors.


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Game Details: ZN1 () –

Your name or email address: Sign In Sign Up. Think of these as circuit boards you need to install. C [tekken] 44 Tekken 2 JP Ver.

I can’t even configure the buttons to my joystick like I did with Killer Instinct. I have been waiting for this for some time. Thanks for the link Zebidee, however; I think the only issue I’m having right now with zinc is that I’m using the wrong Mame romset I’m trying to use v. There is nothing hard about playing these roms. Street Fighter EX Plus “cohc. Posted October 24, edited.

cpzn1 bios

Display as a link instead. Not Super World Stadium ’99 though. B [tekken2a, parent tekken2] 45 Tekken 2 World Ver. Muf PMed me with some help on the exact folders and I’ve now got it running.

August 10, Belmont Very Senior Member. Posted October 24, Hello to all fellow zinc users.


Glad my random splooge of things that have screwed me up with MAME in the past was bioa help. You should get cpzn1. Full list for zinc 1.

No, create an account now. As you can see, bsmt This is really the true reason I’m using Zinc cause I love this game but sometimes it can be a bit choppy in Mame. A [souledgb, parent souledge] 49 Soul Edge Ver. Just a moment ago I was wondering if I should go check Aldo’s site if he has released a new version of his cpzzn1.

cpzn1 bios