Campbel town day trip unexpected. Panbo is going to the next level in and beyond. By MK-BY , 1 day ago. I got an award from work and used some of it to buy the card – I have looked at all the features but wouldn’t advise anyone to buy it unless you are visiting unknown ports quite often where it may be usefull. Double click on your route in the library to see all the route points. But you might still be interested to see how the same area you posted before would look like

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Download Navionics NavPlanner

I have used it but have an old set of Memory Map charts which it has read in. I have to agree about the PC Planning Software.

September 14, at 3: March 30, at 2: Print full details of your routes and waypoints. Select “Properties” menu option.

The Navionics card reader has 3 drives normally E, F, G. Besides, Softwaee is great at route planning and you already have alternate charts — Navico Insight, and maybe Navionics — on your Simrad.


Even the older Garmin MapSource software was orders of magnitude better, and HomePort in another league altogether. Instructions for converting Garmin data can be found here.


May 2, navpalnner Show tidal flow direction and speed on the chart. I have been shipmate with several that were not, and were really unhappy in a large sailboat cockpit. Measure distance navpllanner bearings on the charts. If this happens, the conflicting software needs to be disabled or uninstalled. If there are several USB devices connected to your system, this may cause the system to have difficulty in recognizing the Navionics Multi Card Reader.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. GPS for Navionics We follow your excellent reports, frse noted that the in I was looking for some software to be able to plan routes at home, and so a quick search on t’internet came up with a few options: How do I go about using the charts on my PC?

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. To get any real detail visible, you need to zoom in so far as to be unusable for building a route.


March 30, at 9: Tube repair – tissue? And they’re surely more updated than mine, too! I recalled that previous inReach models did HP works with charts via simple SD card reader, and even works with preloaded plotter charts. First, check that your computer is fully updated with all the latest Windows updates.

May 12, at 7: So contact them and negotiate how you cancel and get your money back – you could contact your card provider and insist they commence a chargeback; they won’t like it; hence INSIST.

Click the “Appearance” tab to select. Keep me signed in. I wasn’t aware that MapSource reads also G2 charts. Try Seaclear charts from Visitmyharbour. On a 21″ monitor, text and navigation mark symbols are about 0.