That gives it too much freedom and it won’t find an optimized solution. If you find a bug in libpano13, you can report it there. Views Read Edit View history. Also, if there are differences in brightness between images, then the individual images can be adjusted to improve the match. In December they initiated a free software project which is currently hosted by SourceForge. PTGUI will display two images next to each other and all you need to do is click on a point in one image and on the corresponding point in the other image.

helmut dersch panorama tools

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Collection of sample PTGui project templates: For example, there are useful extra programs like Enblend and Autopano that can help to speed things up by introducing a degree of automation into the process.

Panorama Tools Download by Max Lyons

The Preview tab provides a convenient way to do these trial stitches at a smaller size. Otherwise you would need to increase resolution just to be able to cut away the surplus white area on the one side of the panorama.

helmut dersch panorama tools

A few links to panorama tutorials and resources. Here you enter the control points for image pairs. Remember that this image is fixed, and the other images will be repositioned around it when you re-run the optimizer.

Enter a value for the width of the panorama the height will be scaled to match or click on the “Set Optimum Size” button, which will give an output image resolution similar to that of the input images. Create Panorama At last! The development of the source code of Panorama Tools was continued by some members of the original Panorama Tools mailing list.


Spread the points widely – vertically, if possible. There is a panotools-devel mailing list for questions regarding compiling the source and developing it further. I am providing this release of Panorama Tools as a service to other users of Panorama Tools.

Once the Optimizer has run, the resulting script will be shown. Before actually making the panorama, you feed the control points and the guesses for the image orientation to Panorama Tools and it will optimize your inital guesses. Run the Correct option with above parameters tols see the effect.

It is still unknown exactly what happened to Dersch although there has been much speculation about Dersch’s silence being forced as part of threatened patent litigation. Use them at your own risk. The format chosen is a Photoshop PSD file with feathered layer masks. That gives it too much freedom and it won’t find an optimized solution. Otherwise, estimate HFOV as best you can. News 12 th July Mailing lists The old PanoTools User list has been abandoned by most of the regular contributors due to management issues.

Panorama Tools displays the distance that the control points differ from each other and once that distance is below 3 pixels ideal is below 1 pixel you’re ready to stitch the jelmut. Panorama Tools panoraama more likely to find best stitching parameters in panoramas that are next to each other, rather than on top. It was originally written by German physics and mathematics professor Helmut Dersch.


Locate the nodal point of the fisheye lens of your digital camera. I generally don’t use this Tab.

helmut dersch panorama tools

The Field of View parameters define the width and height of the output image area. To clarify the situation, these are now the relevant lists for discussion of Panotools and related software: So, if you panoraam a hand held shot like this one, and you don’t know how much you angled the camera upwards, you can do trial stitches with different pitch values until you get the horizon centrally positioned. This section is for those who might not be familiar with editing techniques involving layer masks.

Preview tab For many purposes, the Panorama Editor window provides an adequate preview of the final panorama. This is known as Exif data.

Panorama Tools

Dersch started development on Panorama Tools inproducing software available for creating panoramas and more, but had to stop development in due to legal harassment and derschh of patent infringement by hlemut company IPIX. The CL has a focal length range of 36mm to mm. If you understand why the blank space is there, you will cease to worry and just crop it away.

These settings determine how large in pixels the generated panorama image is going to be.

helmut dersch panorama tools