Even more memorable is the tour of the “luxurious” read: Luxe ICE Last edited by sdawg; at It’s easy to see why there is so much young talent in the sport now. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on google Share on pinterest Share on mail. Heroes for a Day: The film thoroughly captures the challenges that the competitors face:

heroes day xsv story

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How do you compete against a kid who’s funded by the Bank of Mom and Dad? Seeing someone etory here put this much thought and work into the review makes me much more likely to buy it. They not only capture the excitement of the sport, but also demonstrate the technique that the best players use to be successful.

Hero For A Day, the XSV story DVD

And this fight is fought everyday. Contact Us – mcarterbrown. All times are GMT H4AD overcomes all of these challenges by showing the emotion, dedication, and tenacity of the players and shining a spotlight on the sacrifices which they make. First, they have to wear masks, which Telford points out makes it difficult for them to be recognized even by fans of the sport.


heroes day xsv story

By the end of the film, you see how a group of “superstars” have transformed into a cohesive team capable of winning the most difficult tournaments in the world. Even more memorable is the tour of the “luxurious” read: To be able to make a name for themselves as athletes, the best players in the game have to overcome the nature of the sport itself.

Full Paintball Documentary- “Heroes For a Day: The XSV Story” by Monkey with a Gun

But, it remains an underground sport because it rarely receives exposure in the press or in the media. I enjoyed it and as a side note I have lent it out to non players and they enjoyed it very much.

Ir0nExpress Back to paintball.

New Mask or Gear? Also, Tom Kaye’s automag video is there: Of course, I will bring it to the club on Weds.

heroes day xsv story

It means you xsvv a professional attitude and dedication toward your sport. Finally, it’s difficult to film paintballs because they move too fast for video cameras to capture. Additional information Weight 5 lbs. That even if the sun explodes tomorrow and scatters us screaming into the void, we go smiling because we had faith in ourselves, faith to gather xwv tribe and try to make our own reality. Especially inspiring are the team meetings in which players with strong personalities demonstrate an ability to talk through differences and accept criticism in a mature although epithet-filled manner.


On long highways, dirty couches and floors, rock hard dirt fields and shaking planes. Share on facebook Share on twitter Xav on google Share on pinterest Share on mail.

Hero For A Day, the XSV story DVD – E-Paintball

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It contains very strong language throughout the movie and the frequent use of the F bomb. Luxe ICE Last edited by sdawg; at I’ll look into it when I’m not broke.

Shame though, I really like Xs. If you or the person you are purchasing this product for would be offended by the use of such language please do not purchase or view this film. Ok, I’ve said my piece. Last edited by sdawg; at Monkey with a Gun. The action sequences are incredibly well composed and filmed.