Supported below mentioned Computational and Graphics Accelerator: HPE will rely on your prompt notification of the claim and cooperation with our defense. HPE’s liability to you under this Agreement is limited to the amount actually paid by you to HPE for the relevant software, except for amounts in Section 12 “Intellectual Property Rights Infringement”. The parts included in a simplified Bill of Materials relate to the options selected in the configuration process and impact power draw. I have installed on Windows XP desktop.

hp bladesystem power sizing tool

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HPE Estimates that it required approximately 1 watt of cooling for every watt consumed by hardware.

hp bladesystem power sizing tool

This Agreement includes supporting material accompanying the software or referenced by HPE, which may be software license information, additional license authorizations, software specifications, published warranties, supplier terms, open source software licenses and similar content Supporting Material.

Click next and then accept License agreement in next screen.

Hp bladesystem power sizing tool

If an audit reveals underpayments then you will pay to HPE such underpayments. However, such license doesn’t automatically give you a right to receive such updates and HPE reserves the right to make such updates only available to customers with support contracts.


Operating system software may only be used on approved hardware and configurations. Enter your cost per kWh: Processor Type i6 i4.

HPE Power Advisor

Then select on which drive you would like to install, like C: This Agreement is effective until terminated or in the case of a limited-term license, upon expiration; however, your rights under this Agreement terminate if you fail to comply with it. Modifications to the Agreement will be made only through a written amendment signed by both parties. Supported below mentioned Computational Powef Accelerator Cards: The parts included in a simplified Bill of Materials relate to the options selected in the configuration process and impact power draw.

hp bladesystem power sizing tool

Rename the Device Description. HPE may audit you for compliance with the software license terms. HPE Power Advisor v Select Enclosure type and configuration type accordingly. Supported below mentioned HDDs: Report looks like as below.

HPE Metered 3Ph Wattage x Cost per kWh: Supported below mentioned Storage Drives: HPE Metered Switched 7. HPE may elect to deliver hpp and related software product or license information by electronic transmission or download.

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You can click on BOM to generate bill of materials, print and save. HPE G2 Switched 7. Based on actual component level power measurements of a system stressed to maximum capability the BladeSystem Power Sizer enables the facilities team to sizinh plan for the power consumption and heat load of an HP BladeSystem. We may ask you to certify in writing you have complied with this section. After selecting rack and enclosure, screen will be as follows.


This provision does not limit either party’s liability for: Click next to confirm destination opwer. This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the state of California, U.

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Generate Report Total Cost of Ownership. You may h; one copy of software and documentation for archival purposes. U6lx7JM8 Easily estimate your data center power requirements HP Power Advisor, know how much power you consume HP Power Advisor is an easy-to-use tool that estimates your data center power requirements for your server and storage configurations.