Suitable for stronger high tones, shouting, or even screaming. I’m not sure to be honest. But we can hope! The character Kasane Teto is under the usage policy and licensing provided for the character. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Also users shall not upload the works using the voicebank Kasane Teto onto the website which promotes the criminal activities, regardless of the nature of the works. Your name or email address:

kasane teto voicebank

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The original Japanese text shall take precedence if any conflicts arise. Messages 91 Likes Received 87 Trophy Points The latest one aksane take precedence. TerindieFeb 26, Messages Likes Received Trophy Points KiyoteruFeb 26, It’s likely that someone was simply propagating a rumor they heard without fact-checking.

Info-ChanMar 10, The contact is provided below.

kasane teto voicebank

Anna Nyui is a bank that uses version 4. So yeah, i was searching some GUMI songs, and stumbled upon Mozaik Role english ver i know it sometimes already, i just wanna re-hear it And i was looking at the comments, and finds someone saying “Teto has an English voicebank in voicehank something like that ill attach the picture later Did anyone know about this? Teto has a lot of extra sounds to do Engrish anyways; so even without a real ENG bank we can still get some good results.


Lorreine GeraldeMar 8, KiyoteruMar 9, Oyamano Mayo, the author and the copyright holder of the voicebank Kasane Teo, authorizes the use of this voicebank under the condition heto users consent to this usage policy and licensing. VeriteMar 12, voocebank Info-ChanMar 9, Uses shall not distribute the works using the voicebank Kasane Teto for commercial purpose without permission.

No special preparation step is required. If there is an english bank at all, I suspect it could be Delta reclist rather than Chezzie reclist.

Kasane Teto English voicebank???

But it’s quite possible to have decent engrish with Teto’s existing banks. Do you already have an account?

kasane teto voicebank

The above link will direct you to a third-party site. Yes, my password is: Aliases for Diphone V-CV are also included in “oto.

Or is it just the Vocaloid conversion prank thing? But we can hope! Your name or email address: Users agree to comply with the usage policy and licensing above.


This voicebank provides mellifluous and fluent singing voices. This new advanced appendix widens your creative activities.

Kasane Teto English voicebank??? | UtaForum

Messages Likes Received 64 Trophy Points Any translated material is for reference. I agree that Teto’s engrish can provide understandable and adorable results!

I think even it’s true, maybe Teto’s creators have some problems with her English voicebank development so they discontinue it. Her staff has always been good about keeping on top of things. Share This Page Tweet.