It uses ScriptX to print small barcode labels that attach to the tags of showroom samples. ScriptX is 32 bit code and will therefore only work in the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer on the x64 platform. CompSol Corporation, based in Michigan, USA, provides all-inclusive badging services for large companies, using the latest technology for capturing badge-holder data and photographs, maintaining access categories, printing badges, and storing text and photo data. New features Full listing of versions and modifications. Evaluation licenses are now distributed by the warehouse. Licensing and distribution All application code is available to all users free of charge, with the licensed distribution of both being managed by MeadCo’s address-bound Security Manager schema.

meadco script x

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The same margins, header and footer strings, orientation, scale, paper size and source, target printer, etc.

ScriptX – Wikipedia

Security Manager failed to returned specified default dual interface. Sript legal or financial documents to labels, wristbands, barcodes, tickets and more, ScriptX enables standardised printing from local or networked PCs and mobile devices.

ScriptXtra browser compatibility set to v IE 7 – if margin measure changed from system default, use of page setup dialog would corrupt margins.


meadco script x

Win64 typelib registration of print library not optimal for x ScriptX Client can be fully tested with a free evaluation license, on content served from the local file system file: This is the object: Issues with validating license files on some OS configurations. A new template “MeadCo: License info object now includes revision property. Security Manager can install s licenses on Vista – this will give rise to the standard elevation prompt for permission.

Margins are corrupted in page setup after dragging margins in preview affected 6. ScriptX is part of a complete platform for interactive multimedia. Printing PDF – printed pages if the simple range start madco is after the last page in the document.

ScriptX from MeadCo

For ScriptX, this includes everything except the factory. It never works with Adobe Reader now. Support for latest signing certificate. License error dialogs threw scripting errors on Windows introduced in v7.

Technical reference Main objects, properties, methods and functions. Security Manager errors report the code version number to assist the helpdesk team. Removed legacy interfaces from Security Manager.

Installing ScriptX on client PCs

Some minor issues in cab content declarations. Which version is right for me? Changed Work-around for issue with IE9 preview 3. If you have a mixed environment with some users using Internet Explorer 11 and some using earlier versions then we recommend you install ScriptX 7.



Based in Ireland, Dovetail Technologies Ltd specialises in bespoke software systems which enable their clients’ businesses to run more efficiently. Removed a clash between x86 and 64bit editions enabling them to co-exist more politely. WaitForSpoolingComplete after a printHtml call would never return – in all document modes.

Poor performance when printing frames that require scaling to fit. Evaluation licenses are now distributed by the warehouse. GetWindowsVersion is no longer implemented. Printhtml used the wrong settings if the document takes a very long time to load. Errors not returned properly from SetWebBrowser.

meadco script x

Security Manager method for navigating across domains.