December 22, at 7: The Spring Resource Pack for Minecraft 1. November 1, at 4: Slix Slix is a simplistic texture pack with a smooth feel. Well you should be in 1. May 8, at Colored Elytra Resource Pack 27 Jul,

minecraft steelfeathers texture pack

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minecraft steelfeathers texture pack

February 4, at 3: Dragon Dance – Screenshots. Can you add a new texture to purpur, dragon heads, and paintings?

minecraft steelfeathers texture pack

July 22, Transform your Minecraft world into a fantastical realm with the Dragon Dance resource pack! April 30, at September 10, at 4: One of the best steelfeathees about the Steelfeathers Enchanted resource pack is the fact that it has a very intriguing art style that you simply cannot find in most other generic resource packs.

Dandelion [16×16] | Minecraft PE Texture Packs

June 18, at 1: Does anyone have a problem with the health at the top playing in texrure You might need OptiFine. This is a beautiful texture pack, and it extremely upsets me to not be able to use it because of how frequently I use brick in my town. Optifine HD Mod for Minecraft 1.


It even looks better than some higher resolution resource packs, a fact made clear as soon as you boot up your world. All Claim Requests are reviewed by admins.

minecraft steelfeathers texture pack

Slix Slix is a simplistic texture pack with a smooth feel. Its vibrant textures and whimsical designs leave everything from dirt to diamonds feeling like a trip to Hyrule.

June 18, at 6: Guides Installing Minecraft Resource Packs. May 8, at 5: Dragon Dance updates lots more than the Ender Dragon; it gives a new sheen to just about every texture you can think of. There are many vids on this, here is one: February 3, at 3: July 15, at 5: Right now Dragon Dance has views.

Steelfeathers Enchanted Resource Pack for Minecraft | MinecraftSix

February 2, at December 17, at 6: Because of the vibrancy of the colors, even underground, it is possible to go mining without torches or other sources of light, This keeps you from using up your valuable resources and, while some may consider it cheating, it offers more ways to play the game and makes it enjoyable for a wider audience. Login Sign Up Submission. I have extracted the. May 6, at 3: It is designed and mineceaft with the following minecraft versions: March 6, at 1: December 13, at 5: May 1, at 7: Monday, September 30, November 9, at 6: