Orlansoft announces the end-of-sale and end-of-life dates for the Orlansoft Desktop edition version Update delivery status from in-delivery to full or partial shipment. Then the salesperson can revisit the customer after concluding a call to other customers. Orlansoft SalesMate is designed for Android tablets or smartphones. Streamline operation by reducing: Orlansoft ERP – Core Enterprise edition Orlansoft ERP – Core Enterprise edition is a solution that provides a unified picture in a single software system that integrates and optimizes business processes, and delivers business information across entities and sites. When an enterprise gets bigger, with more departments, sites, and people


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Orlansoft ERP Indonesia

Customer call schedule menu provides a list of on-route and off-route customers for daily visits. Centralized setup for reason codes and description for exceptions like failure to scan a barcode, turning off or ignoring the GPS, not taking any orders in a visit, or skipping a planned visit are all customizable and the exceptions will be included in of sales visit daily reports.

However a validation process of new customers must be performed by an authorized user at the branch office before order entries can be released into sales orders or sales invoices.

When a customer has more than one delivery notes, the system will display them for the driver to validate. The system now drives the process, so you are less dependent on orlanskft persons to do the job.

Timestamped location validation using GPS when a driver key-in or scan delivery note or sales invoice number. Engages in the orlansft of food products. Provide on-demand access to critical real-time information from single source of truth. Receipt oralnsoft use the actual received quantity and the remainder may be written-off or received at the next delivery. AR Collection This feature allows Orlansoft SalesMate users to get a list of outstanding invoices to perform collection and enter collection results.


We are committed to build an ERP System that systemize, integrate and optimize your business process. Background synchronization enables salespersons to record entries even when the device is not connected to the Internet.

PT Orlansoft Data System

GPS validation when barcodes are scanned from delivery notes enable controls to orlanwoft mistaken customer address.

Orlansoft Orlannsoft – Core Enterprise edition is designed from the ground up to support core business processes. These will be automatically synchronized to the server into a separate sales order transactions for each principal with different terms of payment.

Orlansoft DriverMate is a mobile app that assists delivery truck orlansoftt to download loadsheets, post delivery status as full shipment or partial shipment, check delivery reports, and record vehicle mileage logs from start to finish. When an enterprise gets bigger, with more departments, sites, and people, the ERP System helps you do the following:.

Real-time and easy to access decision support information help organizations improve sales and services. Purchase Receipt of fixed assets create fixed asset temporary journal and integrate to fixed assets registration and addition.


Read More 10 December This is very orlansort to avoid confusions and relieve users from doing the labor-intensive reconciliation reports resulting from different versions of information.

This is used to key-in cash payment receipt for COD invoices and will be synchronized to Orlansoft Collection run so users at the office only need to confirm collection result.

Orlansoft ERP – Core Enterprise edition

Users may define percentages and date of each installment. Lotte Mart is part of the Lotte conglomerate. Control with less resources Spend less time and work to obtain critical information for your business. All collection transactions in Orlansoft SalesMate will be synchronized to Orlansoft Collection Run to be validated by Rolansoft officers in the branch office along with cash receipt or bank transfers from collectors, salespersons, or canvassers performing collection activities.


It is the main distribution arm of the food and beverage giant PT. Download Orlansoft Company Profile.


Reports Reports are available for delivery status of each delivery notes. Orlansoft Approval Set is available in each transaction types in all modules. Global enterprises can conduct business in the required currency of transactions and generate consolidated reports in dual home currency base currency and company management currency. Existing transaction data in the earlier version of SalesMate will be automatically updated without the need for re-entry.

Download Orlahsoft Company Profile.


Ship to customer menu provides functionality to enter or scan delivery notes as goods are delivered to the customers. Setups for the number of canvassing days for each canvasser is available in Orlansoft SalesMate. Return Order transaction in Orlansoft SalesMate will be synchronized to the orlasoft and must be approved by authorized users in a branch office before they are turned into a return collection order for the trucks alongside regular deliveries.

Semestanustra Distrindo Engages in the distribution of food products.