When her father died, Mohini was forced to adopt unfair means for her living and Ramesh guided Mohini, teaching her to mimic Sandhya’s behavior. The film was directed by B. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Cinestaan. The other woman was Sandhya’s twin sister Mohini, whom Sandhya didn’t know, but Ramesh came to know it by chance. Verification code sent on your registered email id. Views Read Edit View history.

ponmeni thazhuvamal song

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Chords for Yaar Nee – Jai shankar, Jayalalitha – Ponmeni Thazhuvamal – Tamil Romantic Song

The problem is with Cast and crew details. On a stormy night, Anand is called to a dilapidated mansion on an emergency case. Retrieved 16 October The dialogues were written by M. This email id is already registered with us with facebook.

We knew we could count on you. Retrieved from ” https: Eswari sang Paarvai Ondre Pothumea romantic song.

ponmeni thazhuvamal song

Feature Film Released Tamil. On a rainy night, the highly reputed Dr.


ponmeni thazhuvamal song

The information is incorrect Some information is missing Add an image that you own. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The film was directed by B. The duplicate shouts that she is the real Sandhya, but she is gagged and taken away.

Yaar Nee (1966) Songs and Lyrics

Raj Khosla directed Sadhana in two more suspense thriller movies, namely: His mother fixes an arranged marriage to a girl recommended by her sister. Anand thazhkvamal to know the truth behind Sandhya by taking her on a ride in his car. Ramadossthe head of the hospital in which Anand and Latha work. All done Thank you very much for helping us out.

ponmeni thazhuvamal song

She lures him to the roof, where suddenly he sees a duplicate of Sandhya. Since then, her spirit has been roaming the hills awaiting her lover to return.

Ponmeni Thazhuvaamal

He starts avoiding her. He sees a mysterious woman standing by the road and gives her a lift.

Song Tamil Naane Varuven P. There, he meets a monk O. On the wedding night, Anand is shocked to see that the bride is none other than Sandhya. Song Tamil Mulli Roja P. Mulli Roja and T.

Ponmeni Thazhuvamal – Yaar Nee – Lyrics and Music by a arranged by SiMiE_xOxO | Smule

He is surprised to see that the patient is none other than the mysterious woman he met on the rainy night, Sandhya. As he leaves the mansion, he meets some policemen who tell him that the mansion has been deserted for a while and it is rumoured to be haunted.


The policemen inform him that what he saw in the mansion happened years ago and many doctors have registered similar cases with the police on stormy nights. Later, when Anand sees Sandhya trying to lure him out, he follows her to the same old bungalow, where he sees Sandhya on the stairway in one moment and then impossibly beside him in another. Other detail that you would like us to add? As he explains what happened on the stormy night, Sandhya disappears.