Poovellam Ketuppar – Tamil Movie Star cast: Bharathi accepts the reunion and so does Kannan’s wife who tells them to arrange the wedding and that Kannan will come as he wouldn’t miss his only daughter’s wedding. The film was initially titled Romance , but was later re-titled to Poovellam Kettuppar during production. This section’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. However, the film did not perform well at the Indian box office with Vasanth subsequently blaming the timing of release and the lack of publicity. The film shared a similar storyline to Jodi , which incidentally had Vijayakumar and Nassar playing similar roles of leader of feuding families. Poovellam Kettuppar Ask all the Flowers is a Indian Tamil-language musical romantic comedy film written and directed by Vasanth , which stars Suriya and Jyothika in leading roles.

poovellam kettupar movie song

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Unakkaga Ellam Unakkaga Bharathi soon after realises his mistake and invites Janaki back.

poovellam kettupar movie song

Kannan does not turn up. He promises Janaki that he will speak to his father about their marriage.

Pani Thuli – Kanda Naal Mudhal 3. The film was initially titled Romancebut was later re-titled to Poovellam Kettuppar during production. Bharathi is severely affected by the fallout and loses his prominence and offers.

Archived from the original on 5 April The doctor gets extremely confused and believes that they are all separate people that just look alike. Music composed kettuoar Yuvan Shankar Raja Problems arise when Krishna is kicked out of Kannan’s house when he takes the blame after Kannan’s father-in-law accidentally blabs to the media about Kannan’s drinking.


Two music directors Bharathi Vijayakumar and Kannan Nassar kettupxr to be friends and composed music together. Krishna now has to return to Chennai as his mother Ambika breaks her leg and is in hospital.

Poovellam Kettuppar Tamil mp3 songs download

Bharathi accepts the reunion and so does Kannan’s wife who tells them to arrange the wedding and that Kannan will come as he wouldn’t miss his only daughter’s wedding. Subbu Panchu Arunachalam Music: Due to her severe bad memory, they are able to persuade everyone that she is just confused.

Kannan rejects keettupar and instead gives details about the fallout to the newspaper and Bharathi ends up losing the movie deal.

poovellam kettupar movie song

He falls in love with her and tries poovellm woo her. Surya nd Jyothika once againn prove they r t best pair. Krishna and Janaki tell Kannan and Bharathi respectively that they are in love and that their parents and their lover’s parents are against it.

Poovellam Kettuppar

As Krishna drives away he comes to a sudden halt as Kannan and songg family have also arrived by car and blocked his path. Janaki pretends to be heavily pregnant by stuffing Krishna’s jumper under her clothes and manages to stop another bus. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.


poovellam kettupar movie song

Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja No copyrights owned. Archived from the original on 22 March Janaki has one condition: A critic from Indolink. While this is happening Bharathi has a fallout with a prominent music director Karan and Kannan is recruited to anger Bharathi. Retrieved from ” https: In the final scene the doctor arrives and informs Bharathi and Kannan that Driver Pandi is actually Krishna and that Nurse Kalyani is actually Janaki to which the men act surprised before they inform her that they already know.

Poovellam Kettuppar Tamil Mp3 Songs Download |

Krishna takes Janaki back to her college and leaves. Irava pagala poovellam kettupar video Excellant lyrics makes this song great.

This page was last edited on 28 Septemberat Seeing this, Krishna tells Janaki that they must separate before he comes with a new idea. When allowed to speak to the director, he convinces him to forgive Kannan. After Ssong has a fight with the director of their movie, Bharathi who feels embarrassed decided to split from Kannan and compose the music for the film by himself.