I create PyMapper tileset! Take those files and you should be able to import them into pymapper. I hope that this Dungeon style helps people make some truly deadly lairs to challenge their players. I just started using your tileset too. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Some time I may make a business out of it but for now its just for fun.

pymapper tiles

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Anon – you really need to do your research – Pymapper is alive and kicking and teh group is still very much active.

There are some files for non-members under ‘links’ the other files are in the members section. Below is a list of the tilesets available for download here: Here it is some example image:.

Dungeon Tiles – Fantastic Maps

There are some other nice features, including being able to add map icons representing monsters and other notable items. You can stack tiles which is very nice for the more set piece tiles like pits and statues. These tiles were commissioned pymappfr for Campaign Cartographer so there is no PyMapper set. There are two sets: Thank you in advance.


Is it part of some sort of bundle?

Now the guys over at Pymapper have made the set available to use with their program. Undead images for monsters to fight: Twitter Tilez Reddit Tumblr Pinterest. The June Annual style is a dungeon tileset, with skeletons, treasure, lava, dark pits and sarcophagi. The Little Raven Villager. No it is just a free site for friends. Home What’s new Latest activity Authors. Here it is some example image: Take those files and you should be able to import them into pymapper.

Extreme Encounters: PyMapper

Below is a list of the tilesets available pymappre download here:. People with more articstic ability than I have could easily make their own tiles to share with those like me looking for an easy tool to make printable maps. Are you plan to offer more of your images in pngfor example in an art pack.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I really liked the program because I could tell it how many sets I own and it would keep track of the tiles I used to make the maps and then I could print tipes tile manifest for game preparation.


pymapper tiles

Using this set you can quickly generate a random dungeon which is another very nice feature plus they have some pre-made geomorph sets available. You can find them here: Tiles showing various caverns and corridors: I removed your link to the download. I create PyMapper tileset!

pymapper tiles

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Tile Downloads

Best of all the tile sets are up to date and now match what I currently own. Pymapper tilesets are available below:.

pymapper tiles

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