Makes it much easier to develop individual items. Value of member NoCurve has been changed from 0 to Key features 1. Sample system environment variables: Applications may execute a wrong branch of code in the library and therefore change the behavior. Change Effect 1 Size of this class has been increased from 4 bytes to 8 bytes. Necessary for several non default QStyles.

qwt 5.2.2

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Code for double buffering moved to a new class QwtPaintBuffer. Key features 1. It will have changed the contents of the. Install at least the Core and DTK libraries. Size of this class has been increased from 44 bytes to 48 bytes.

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It should remember all the settings from the last time. Tab focus chains fixed, focus indications added.

Inaccurate mapping of scale to widget coordinates fixed 5. The HPUX compiler chokes on this and it’s uglyso it was fixed.


qwt 5.2.2

Change Effect 1 Size of this class has been increased from 36 bytes to 64 bytes. Change Effect 1 Size of this type has been changed from 96 bytes to 32 bytes.

QString used for visible texts. You can open as many as you need by single-clicking on Terminal in the Dock.

qwt 5.2.2

A clean compile at this stage will still have two errors, one for us. Qwt now works with Qt3.

qwt 5.2.2

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! There was allready a makefile for this, but now the process is automated by tmake.

Changes 1 Project files adopted for symbian 2 qwt.

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Some static class data members were initialized with the value of other static class data members from Qt. Change Effect 1 Virtual method QwtSymbol:: Axis const has been added to this class instead of QwtPlotRasterItem:: Value of member Lines has been changed from 1 to 0.

Applications qwr execute a wrong branch of code in the library and therefore change the behavior. Click on the fourth icon over the setup icon and let it create the executable. ColorRole for background colors fixed. Call of any method in this class may result in 5.22. or incorrect behavior of applications. Over 90 percent of questions asked here gets answered.


Qwt: to binary compatibility report

Last modified 11 months ago Last modified on Oct 24, 6: This is poor design, but Qwt will be refactored anyway. Orientation p3enum QwtSlider:: QwtWheel fixed for vertical wheels.

Virtual methods provided by QwtPlotCurve for sub-classing. Displaying Rich Text with Qt 4. QwtLegendItem key event handlers fixed 3. Geometry management has been changed to support multi-line titles.