I’ll meet you at the boat ramp.. My truck finally ate dirt. Snapper, my hunting season has been hit and miss My Nephews following my advice.. By the time he changed the setting, she had moved a little further away.

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Went to and today. Set Theory And Logic ByStoll Set Theory and Logic is the result of a course of lectures for advanced undergraduates, developed at Oberlin College for the purpose of introducing students to. Lost one fish lifting it out of the water.

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All, TPWD has some deer hunts going on from the th of this week. Today is just to beautiful. Also hiked into Newman’s Bottom gate was closed. Half way down the body. Did any one try there luck today? Nails creek off CR had a little water running with a few small cats being caught.

It’s only as cold as you think it is.

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Notice the coffee cups in their hands, they served as nice hand warmers too. Although, my buddy did manage two White Bass, we didn’t leave with hafk. Fishytx, I only took pictures of Nails because of the drastic water flow. The water is COLD! The combobox on the controlbar displays correct and behaves well in runtime. This doesnt go with somerville At least in the really shallow areas.


My fish finder has the somh2 over the boat” transducer so I just put it on a metal strap and duct tape it to the front of my yak. I think in a few weeks whith a few warm days to raise the water temps and a little less water and the bite will be on. Yes you sure have a nice spot.

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Looking forward to the good reports. Key things to keep sont2 mind when creek fishing this early in the season. Bring your kayak, canoe, jon boat or whatever and a friend.

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Thanks to all that put their time and effort in and better luck next time. Yellow catfish are slow. I went out to do a bit of puppy-dog waterfowl training on the Islands no gun and just check some new water depths at some fishing locations.

Osmt2 thrive on catching a limit of whites in two hours or less.

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Bucks were on the move the last 2 weeks pushing does realllll hard went on Mon and only seen does. I’ll just walk the creeks and try to hit some familiar spots.


Hopefully it’s warmer next meeting so I can do some kayaking. This is going to be a great day at the park! I might walk back into Nails Creek on Tuesday late afternoon if I get the chance but thats the only afternoon I somtt2 spare right now.

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ssomt2 I’ve heard stories before about big cats in that area but have never seen anything but bobcats. Any other jig colors I should purchase before we take the flatbottom through the Yegua this sat? Lunch through dinner is a potluck affair so bring your favorite side dish, bread or desert and hopefully the fisherman will supply the fish!

I used a solid body tube