Not intuitive, need to look it up in help to find out how. Reviews Sync Toy is my preferred backup software for W7 and I’ve used it for ages. Messing up your files would be quite difficult. You can simply right-click somewhere on the main dialog and click “default view”. FreeFileSync did my jobs perfect, missing nothing.

synctoy windows 8.1

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Not even one at a time let alone multiple items.

SyncToy – Wikipedia

Very barebones interface — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Scroll down for the next article. On the preview window you will get the list of all the files under the folder you are going to sync. In short have to create folder pairs. I was using SyncBack Pro until the trial ran out and their free version is so seriously knobbled as to be utterly useless filelist rendered as multiple pages.

When it runs in the scheduled time, it opens the programs and close syncty automatically. FreeFileSync trumps SyncToy on all fronts.

synctoy windows 8.1

syhctoy It worked fine with XP, though. Although, selective syncing is one of the basic features that every file syncing service should posses and SyncToy clears this level pretty well. You might want to try another application — rsync is a really solid tool, but it’s native to UNIX platforms.


Cons It doesn’t work!

How can I get that back? SyncToy does miss files, those with long file names or when the total path is too long.

Schedule SyncToy to Run and Automatically and Repetitively

Used up hours attempting to get SyncToy to produce an “echo” mirror copy an kept coming up short by a few GB with no indication of there being anything amiss. On the next window you will be given three alternatives about the types of syncing you want, namely, Synchronise, Echo and Contribute.

The result is a single configuration that is the same as if you’d run all the configurations in sequence. FreeFileSync quite simply rocks!!!!

synctoy windows 8.1

This is exactly what Microsoft offers us with Syntoy. I heard the same nightmares from several other victims. I had both programs synchronize the same folder, containing about 1.

Is is a pretty basic feature but a lot of backup programs don’t do this. This was a rewritten widnows built to use the Microsoft Sync Framework.

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You can add more alternatives to this item by signing up on alternative. Digital 9 posts24 Jun SyncToy 2. FreeFileSync corrected the missed files in a minute or so — less than 5 minutes from start of download to install and fix the problem.


Thanks for figuring out the answer and sharing it with everyone! Added to this, your every action wjndows and deletes on iwndows side will be mirrored on its counterpart. If you want to make this pairing a pristine one, safe within a targeted folder, just create a new folder with an easily identifiable name on the OneDrive and then browse to target it.

While there are many other ways to copy files in Windows, SyncToy is faster and easier to configure — and convinient too. Microsoft Download Manager is free and available for download now. Thanks for your comment, though! It’s flexible and also quite powerful built by Microsoft. Gets more PC users to begin the habit of backing up. So thanks for the headsup on FreeFileSync. I thought this would be easy to get back but it isn’t — I was stunned to see there there doesn’t seem to be a way to get this back from teh default interface.

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