You too, enjoy your break. It saves a lot of time!! Fluffy Kitty 29 May at Thanks for requesting, we will do this project when we will take care of previous wishes! All series about Warui we worked on are online again! I should have bought 20 pcs till now then

ten count blcd

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[Drama CD] Ten Count 1

Mind if I share the link here Roby? Roby85 m 13 September at I will talk to Kissy and see what she thinks to do! I’m looking forward for your next project. Well, I watched it, into Yaoi Tengoku channel!

ten count blcd

Jean 17 September at Roby85m 14 June at I remember it wasfor a bet she lost and she had to edit a sexy video as a punishment It need some time to reup cz it had more than 30 tracks in it I’m glad u love them too Roby85m 23 February at Cold Blood Kissy 22 December at Anonymous 19 January at I use this pc for my work too, so for myself first and for everyone im pretty fixed with this kind of thing and I can assure u with a simple antivirus and adblock u have zero problems.


Like u make in the old blog maybe? I was a student too once ahahha!

ten count blcd

Can you do the drama CD for Elektel Delusion? If yes, could you do Dakaretai otoko ichi imasu?

I will do my best. I have a side blog for that, to give a body to my madness ehm Hope you all will be able to enjoy!

BLCD Archive: Ten Count 5 Drama CD

And even if you did not explain which tone I should get while reading your comment, I would never used your first option! Have the drama CD already: Roby85m 23 May at I’m thinking of rewatching it.

Ringo Te 11 February at But I cant assure when Do you have that materials and story.? Ariana Guzman 27 January at Remember I did discuss it with Cold Blood once Thank you so much for all the work you do!!

I can’t seems to find it Fluffy Kitty 3 August at It’s one of the best manga of the best mangaka around I have the best translator of the worldbut I have no time editing them. It has been my favourite Manga for a while now and it would be great to see it’s manga blcd made by you:


ten count blcd