There were four very talented musicians in Three Dog Night: That’s a pretty good historical connection to have. He’s right about one thing Give a rational and substantiated opinion on this site and most people will respect it. Yes they belong in the rock and roll hall of fame they had 21 top 40 hits Posted by scott on Monday,

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Posted by Dameon on Wednesday, Who are you kidding? They were big as their EGO.

Hits of the 1970s

A lot of people give facts, dates, and places on this, why don’t you? Odg remember one particular house party in where, after we ruined 4 of the host’s mothers best silver ware hot-kniving some awesome blond Lebanese hash, we sat down to listen to Sabbath’s new album “Master Of Reality”. How many years are we gonna have to fight this fight? Do some homework and see for yourself what they accomplished. Frequent airplay and sold-out large venues won’t impress the nomination committee at all, and neither would a loyal fanbase.

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The band used three different lead vocalists: I think that says more njght I could ever say Gitarzan is not totally above board in cyring that 3 Dog Night recorded other people’s songs. This group was respected and revered for their music and the packed venues demonstrated people wanted to see their songs.

There’s nobody better on an organ better than Jimmy Greenspoon. Their harmonies were unforgettable”- Donna Byas Donna I’m really comfortable with the fact that that the truth will always find a way to be born out Something we fought against 40 – 45 years ago. Posted by Mark Lockhart on Wednesday, The Beatles were not at Woodstock; Elvis was not at Woodstock; a multitude of great band of that era were not at Woodstock; some who played at Woodstock had never been heard of before by the multitudes.


Second, the band had a unique vocal combination and a great backing combo of talented musicians that enabled them to put a TDN “signature style” to practically any song they touched during their heyday years in the late 60s through the mid 70s. The fact that a band like Three Dog Night does covers as a rule and not an exception must irk some of the critics in the Hall of Fame. The guys you’re talking about were just their original kp3 that played behind them, their “backbeat, if thdee will.

Mark, even though I don’t have anything against Three Dog Night your comment is filled with the usual cream that is excessively sprayed over any hardcore fan’s commentary, this cream may make comments look nice like real cream on a cake would but they ultimately don’t say anything of substance and just make people’s teeth rot.

Three Dog Night lyrics

The opening lines of this song, “Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine. They should have good chance in getting in,Come on Gitarzan you’re to cool.!! I liked some of their stuff, but they most assuredly weren’t selling out stadiums.

The band registered 21 Billboard Top 40 hits with three hitting number one between and That’s a pretty good historical connection to have. When people start running down Three Dog Night especially with false “facts” and comments with holes in them a mile wide–Three Dog Night’s fans will call the real boors on their falsities–especially on a board dedicated to Three Dog Night.


Other than the beatles these guy’s brought “Stadium Rock” into it’s own, they were the only band capable of filling outdoor stadiums. If you dug down into almost anyone’s record collection back then you would probably find at least one of their albums or a 45 or two.

I don’t know the guy–but I know people who know the guy. Pm3 that they arranged songs in a great way, but that those arrangements brought attention to those songwriters, and lonellest they innovated techniques for their arrangements that would become standards. Hendrix went on stage and yelled at the crowds to break the barriers down–which started a riot complete with cops. And, you will probably note that some of the posters on this board opposing Three Dog Night’s admission are posting for the admission of other bands–tearing down one band to make the other seem so much better is an old still often used tactic of humankind.

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Because everyone was listening to 3 Dog Night during that time period. He could refresh his memory of Three Dog Night by digging through these references himself. Woodstock dov a red herring in any discussion of a group’s viability as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.